Our head-honcho SharePoint Doctor, Mr Joel Jeffery, has been working hard on creating these SharePoint 2013 Administration training videos for online training company Infinite Skills since early 2013, and they’re now edited, polished and ready! In total, 76 videos, or 9.5 hours of a complete video training course on the installation and configuration of SharePoint 2013.

Here’s an example… In this video, Joel discusses SharePoint 2013 Farms, Web Applications, Site Collections and Sites. If you’d like to purchase all 76 SharePoint 2013 Administration and Configuration videos for just $99 you can follow this link: http://bit.ly/sp13videos – and please tell your colleagues & friends!

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  • Okta vs. SharePoint Server On-Premise

    The Case of The Missing Manual: Okta vs. SharePoint Server On-Premise Warmest greetings to you! Dr Kinley here again. In this chapter of Dr Kinley’s Facebook, we look at some of the configuration pitfalls with Okta and SharePoint Server in “The Case of the Missing Manual”. A customer came to us having already embarked upon a project… read more

    joelj 09/04/2017
  • SharePoint Performance Tuning Emergency

    SharePoint Performance Tuning Emergency Hello. I’m Dr Kinley. In this chapter of Dr Kinley’s Facebook, we look at the Case of the SharePoint Performance Tuning Emergency. Last week, a new customer got in touch. Their business users were screaming: SharePoint had slowed to a crawl. Their SharePoint server farm, of three servers, used to perform well, but… read more

    joelj 21/09/2014
  • Live SharePoint Support – Pay As You Go

    Live SharePoint Support from SharePoint Doctors SharePoint Doctors are here when you need them. Call us now for live SharePoint support and SharePoint help and assistance. We offer SharePoint help and assistance with live video chat and screen sharing, and offer: Live SharePoint Support for Administrators (including Architecture, Installation and Configuration) Live SharePoint Support for… read more

    Admin 02/12/2012