Joel Jeffery

Technical Director and a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

He is a virtuoso SharePoint architect & has trained thousands of people in Microsoft SharePoint; he is highly regarded in the global SharePoint community for his ability to explain complex technologies and help everyone understand difficult concepts clearly. He’s a consummate problem solver and loves the warm, fuzzy feeling he gets from helping people.

He’s been a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 2009, and his first Microsoft certification was awarded in 2000. He’s not a real doctor, but he really knows SharePoint.

Ian Sanders

Principle Technical Consultant and Microsoft Certified educator

Ian Sanders is a Microsoft Certified educator with a solid track record of presenting any SharePoint concept confidently and instilling that same confidence into his trainees. He’s also a Microsoft SharePoint Certified IT Professional and Microsoft SharePoint Certified Technical Specialist. As a consultant at JFDI Consulting, he has gained real-world, practical experience solving all architectural, operational, and development-related SharePoint problems in corporate and small-business sites.

He started working with the Microsoft technology stack in 2001 and is a Master’s qualified educator. He’s not a real doctor either, but also really knows SharePoint.

Jon Silver

R&D Director and a SharePoint Microsoft Certified IT Pro (MCITP) and SharePoint Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD)

Jon Silver has been architecting & building systems on the Microsoft platform for over 30 years. Jon is our most venerable software practitioner. He’s a SharePoint Microsoft Certified IT Pro (MCITP) and a SharePoint Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD). He’s been certified clinically by Microsoft since 2000 and is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer. If you’ve got a problem, he’ll solve it.

He’s not a real doctor but knows SharePoint, from architecture to best practice & niggly programming problems.

Ayesha Manu

SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Developer

Ayesha is a Business Application Developer across the Microsoft technology stack and flourishes in producing elegant and practical code that solves our clients’ many problems.

She has experience working in various environments and industries. Her flexibility and problem-solving skills allowed her to solve many problems with her clever technical solutions. For example, one might say that she is an intuitive programmer.

Ayesha is also lovely, with an infectious smile and a fantastic sense of humour.

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)

(*Not a trained medic.)

Karan Thomason

Specialising in Microsoft 365 SharePoint, Power Apps, BI & Automate - SharePoint Consultant

Karen has a background in various ICT roles, with over 25 years of experience in Technology. Starting her career in Change Management and worked in various private sector industries, the public sector, NHS, and Civil Services.

Karan’s role as a Microsoft 365 & SharePoint consultant challenges her to design, develop and deliver M365 solutions based on various customer requirements.

An enthusiastic and eager individual able to empower customers with what Microsoft 365 has to offer.

Specialising in Microsoft 365:

  • SharePoint
  • PowerApps
  • PowerBI
  • PowerAutomate

(Not a real doctor.)