Live SharePoint Support – Pay As You Go

Live SharePoint Support from SharePoint Doctors

SharePoint Doctors are here when you need them. Call us now for live SharePoint support and SharePoint help and assistance.

We offer SharePoint help and assistance with live video chat and screen sharing, and offer:

  • Live SharePoint Support for Administrators
    (including Architecture, Installation and Configuration)
  • Live SharePoint Support for Developers
  • Live SharePoint Consultancy

Support Hours

We’re open Monday to Friday, and operate during these hours:

GMT: 8am – 8pm

CET: 9am – 9pm

EST: 5am – 5pm

PST: 1am – 1pm

EDT: 6pm – 6am

Pay As You Go SharePoint Support

We offer a pre-pay or pay-as-you-go service, starting at $100 (+ 20% VAT/sales tax) for a 30 minute consultation.

We can also assist with more substantial projects.

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Office 365 Support and SharePoint Online Too!

Office 365 Support

Planning a migration to the cloud? Or perhaps a hybrid solution, mixing on-premise Exchange, SharePoint or Lync with Office 365? Contact us for live Office 365 support.

SharePoint Online

The SharePoint Doctors don’t just know about on-premise SharePoint, running on your own servers in your own company… we know hosted SharePoint too! So if you’ve already made the move into the cloud and you’re completely stuck with the shape of your SharePoint, we can help you make the very best of SharePoint Online on Office 365 too.

Live SharePoint Support

Live, online SharePoint support, consultancy and training, available immediately whenever you need it from the SharePoint Doctors.

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The SharePoint Support Surgery is Open

SharePoint Support

Need SharePoint Support? Although it can be embarrassing, we’ll all experience some degree of dysfunction in the SharePoint department at some point in our careers. So don’t be shy.

Live SharePoint Help

Our SharePoint Clinic is open for live SharePoint support. That’s why the SharePoint Doctors are here, ready to help you solve any real-world SharePoint problems. Confidently leading you through the minefield of selecting which SharePoint technology to use, and always administering the appropriate course of treatment no matter what manner of SharePoint issue ails you.

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