SharePoint Support and Advice

SharePoint Doctors is a support and advice service for SharePoint architects, developers, administrators and end-users.

Support from SharePoint Developers, Consultants and Trainers

The SharePoint Doctors themselves are experienced Microsoft SharePoint developers and consultants, who are also Microsoft Certified Trainers. As such, they’re highly knowledgeable and adept at passing on that knowledge, as well as having seen most SharePoint scenarios and solved most SharePoint problems.

SharePoint Support for Administrators, Developers, Architects and End-Users

You can ask the SharePoint Doctors about anything SharePoint-related: from configuration and administration tasks, to software development problems; and even issues of SharePoint architecture.

Pay As You Go

The SharePoint Doctors service is a buy-time service, so you only pay for the time you use. If your SharePoint Doctor can’t answer your query there and then, and needs to go and research the issue further, the clock stops until he returns with an answer.