How to Book a SharePoint Consultation

Initial SharePoint Consultation / Triage

For an initial consultation with one of our SharePoint Doctors*, you have two options. You can either try a live chat right now if we’re online, or you can schedule a consultation any time that’s free in our calendar.

Initial consultations are 30 minute sessions that cost $200 USD / £175 (+ 20% VAT/sales tax). These are conducted through our browser-based web chat client, through Skype (Skype ID: sharepointdoctors), Skype for Business, TeamViewer or

A typical consultation works like this:

  1. Tell us your problem. Don’t be shy, we’re very professional and discreet!
  2. We’ll ask as many questions as is cogent.
  3. If we can give you advice there and then, we will.
  4. If we need to triage you to a different team member with the closest skills, we’ll stop the clock first!

SharePoint Surgery

Sometimes, a 30 minute consultation isn’t enough.

We can still help you! Sometimes we can offer immediate further assistance. Sometimes, we’ll need to schedule that for later.

Rates are the same for follow-on consulting – $200 USD / £175 (+ 20% VAT/sales tax) per half hour, paid in advance.

If you’d like us to look at servers, or take a peek at code, we’ll be more than happy. We recommend installing the Skype or Skype for Business client so you can easily share your desktop with us. This way you don’t need to tell us server names, user names or passwords, and you don’t need to grant us special Remote Desktop access to your server.

* We are not real doctors, but we really know SharePoint.